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Enough Is Enough

I’ve had enough. It’s hump day and I’m tapping out from hearing about the Lions getting jobbed. That game is 72 hours old, and half the gasbags are still whining about Detroit-Dallas instead of hyping Cowboys-Packers. Why is a Monday morning topic still popping on Wednesday afternoon? Because the NFL is just rubbing Detroit’s face in that loss.

In addition to those replacement refs picking up their own flag on a PI call they actually got right…. the league has informed the Lions they also missed a holding call on the Cowboys’ huge 4th down conversion. So Ndamukong Suh was badly held. So he probably would have gotten to Romo. SO WHAT. Quoting every NFLer ever.. there’s holding on every play, in every game. And I’m not about to protest on Suh’s behalf when that stomper shouldn’t have even been playing in that game in the first place.. We get it. The officiating was bad Sunday. Really bad.

It’s over. Detroit’s at home. Dallas is headed to Green Bay. I mean, . What’s next… is the President himself going to weigh in on the Wild Card round. YES!!! Barack Hussein Obama says he’d be “pretty aggravated” if he was a Lions fan. I’m not that guy who always says the President has more important things to do with his time… but we ALL have more important things to do than still whine about referees from last week. I don’t care if the NFL comes out today and says the refs missed Dallas having 15 men in the huddle before the winning TD. Because I’m well past “pretty aggravated.” You got jammed. We get it. Now man up. And please shut up. We’re on to Green Bay.

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