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Enjoy 27C, Gene

Being married to a billionaire must be nice, right? Unless your old man’s got an injured quarterback and a long flight.

I hope Jerry Jones’ wife isn’t too attached to first class. Because JJ says he’s gonna give her hot towel and warm cashews to his QB. Tony Romo is making the flight to London to play the Jags. He has two broken bones in his spine, but his owner says the trip will be just fine. “Some of those seats really make out into a nice cot, bed-type configuration. He will get one of those. Gene will sit up in the bulkhead. Romo will lounge on the way over. You don’t think it’d be me, do you?”

Not for one second, Jer. Just like I’m pretty sure you’re not kidding.

What- you’re going to let Gene sit next to Romo all the way over to the pond? Then you won’t be able to talk strategy to Tony for 10 hours. Just toss some peanut packets and a sky mall sleeper pillow to the wife- she’ll be out like a light.

Meanwhile, for some reason, Jerrah thinks it’s wise to make the ‘chise lie on a cot across the Atlantic… Just to play the Baguars before the bye week.

My back is jacked after that flight, and it’s not even broken. Forget a nice seat… You should be getting Romo his own plane. Making your QB travel 5,000 miles to play Jacksonville might be worse than demoting your wife to steerageville.

Double-J may be a crazy general manager but he’s one classy gentleman. Enjoy 27C, Gene.

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