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Emperor Urb

The real losers last night weren’t even the Oregon Ducks. They were Mark Dantonio, James Franklin, Mike Riley, and Jimbo Harbaugh. The distinguished gentlemen of the Big 10 – who have to face Emperor Urb each Fall.

At least Mark Helfrich doesn’t have to see that assassin on the schedule every season. Jim Harbaugh was probably begging for his 49ers job back at halftime. Can you blame him? Better to battle with Peter Carroll than Crazy Urb.

Because Coach just wrecked the world with his 3rd string quarterback. I don’t care how beastly Cardale is… it was his 3rd start, and Urb had him looking like the first pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

You lose your starting quarterback before the season- you’re pumped to end up in the Outback Bowl. You lose your backup quarterback mid-season, you’re praying for the Holiday Bowl at best. Urb could have lost Cardale in the Big 10 title game and still found his way to the podium last night. In 11 days time, he got over on maybe the greatest coach ever in Nick Saban. And one of the most prolific players ever in Marcus Mariota. And in 3 years time, he’s taken a 6-7 program and flipped it into national champs. Turns out Vest Tressel letting his players get free tats was the best thing that ever happened to Ohio State.

And speaking of tats- Urb has promised his players that he’ll get one now. Go big coach, but leave some flesh for the future. The Buckeyes are a very young team, Columbus smells like dynasty. And 5 years from now Governor Meyer’s gonna be rocking full sleeves.

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