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Eldrick At The Masters?

Suddenly, it’s looking more and more like Tiger Woods might play in the Masters.

If true, shocking, because last seen, he was hacking around the greens like someone who’d never picked up a club in his life. Yet Golf World’s Tim Rosaforte says, “I think Tiger Woods is going to play the masters…I base this not only on Notah Begay’s 50-50 prediction that got so much traction but by some of the scores he’s been posting and the improvement he’s shown over the past two weeks up at the Medalist Golf Club. Friends in Palm Beach are also saying, ‘Tiger’s got the edge back.”

Whatever the hell that means. I don’t care if he has his edge back… I want to know if he has his wedge back.

Look, I’m sure if this guy is healthy, there’s no way he wants to miss the Masters. Just as I’m even more certain, that Nike needs him out there. But the thing I know most of all, is there are pros tearing it up at their local tracks all over the country. But it doesn’t mean they’re ready to play Augusta. Nor does it mean Woods is either.

Shoot, I hope he does. Like everyone else, I’d love to see it. But I’m not holding my breath. And you shouldn’t be either.

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