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Eddie Jax Got Google Mapped

Gotta be real – I can’t laugh at Edwin Jackson. Because I’ve been Edwin Jackson. And Eddie Jax just got Google mapped.

Yesterday against the A’s, the Cubs right hander was scheduled to start, but showed up late because his phone sent him to the wrong park. “I actually put it in google maps and typed in ‘Oakland Athletics spring training complex.’ it took me to the old one. I know, it’s crazy, but yeah, that pretty much sums it up.”

It’s actually not that crazy, Ed. Of course it sent you to the old park- that’s why you always have to update your apps! And you probably want to take your phone’s advice and turn on “location services” – because they insist it makes the maps more accurate.

Sure, it’s a crazy battery suck- but so is have to slam in a new address when you arrive at your destination and your team’s not there. Or for the rest of us – our friends, family, co-workers. Because the biggest myth about digital maps is that they’re fool proof. You gotta check shortest distance or shortest time! You’ve gotta uncheck toll roads and bridges. And you have to do it as you’re peeling out of a parking lot and running a half hour behind. And you know you’re going to hear the worst words in the navigational world: “when possible, make a u-turn.” how can I a bang a u-ey – I’m on a ferry!!! Re-route me!!

It’s a bad look for E-Jax to show up late- but I can’t hate. My man- just to make sure it doesn’t happen next time- probably want to roll with an old Thomas Guide.

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