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Duff McKagan talks Guns N’ Roses on The Jim Rome Show

Former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan joined The Jim Rome Show and promoted his new book, ‘How to Be a Man (and other illusions).’ The Rock in Roll Hall of Famer also touched on how he got involved with Guns N’ Roses, and first meeting singer Axl Rose after moving to Los Angeles.

“I didn’t know anything about the kind of hard rock thing that was coming up,” McKagan said after playing in some punk rock bands. “Izzy (Stradlin) moved across the street from me, the guitar player, and he was starting a band with this guy Axl. We went out to a rehearsal, I met Axl and we went out to this rehearsal place in the valley and there was a PA there and Axl went up on this little stage, and kind of just started to approach the microphone to test the PA, when he started singing there was like two different voices coming out at once, and I kind of knew right in that instance this guy was serious.”

McKagan appreciated Rose’s approach to his work.

“He (Rose) moved from Indiana. He was kind of like me, I moved from Seattle to do something, to kind of make a difference in music,” said McKagan. “That’s what we all dreamed of and this wasn’t going to be his high school band. I never heard somebody kind of scream or sing like him and we were on our way.”

McKagan said Slash was also another musical marvel he’d never witnessed before.

“That guy was freak,” McKagan said the band’s lead guitarist. “Just the way he could play at 19 years of age, he was just a class above, a freakishly huge step above everybody else.”

McKagan said the five members of the band finding each other was meant to be.

“I think it was just sort of destiny. I hate to say that, but it was,” said McKagan. “There was just no other combination of five guys I think at that time that could have written those songs for sure.”

Then McKagan confirmed with the right team in place, it was time to create their own legacy.

“Went out and attacked like we did, once we had the songs, and it was a perfect mixture kind of the end of the original punk rock era, and the beginning of something else that nobody knew what it was going to be,” said McKagan. “We knew what we didn’t want to be, but what were going to be, we had to discover.”

  • Duff McKagan
  • May 11th 2015

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