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Don’t Hate On Governor Calipari

And allow me to double back… To Saturday Night and Kentucky’s state-wide heart attack. I know the BBN isn’t even gonna lie: Notre Dame wasn’t scared, and they had you terrified.

I know Governor Calipari wasn’t right. Cal looked TIGHT. All manic, pale-faced and dry-mouthed. For a guy who usually looks pretty cool, in that second half Cal looked like he might pass out. Because Notre Dame was playing a Man’s game. Out-talented, out-sized, out-manned… The Irish didn’t give a damn. Mike Brey coached his backside off, his guys gave him 40 minutes of hair-on-fire attack, and I was actually shocked when that final corner prayer from Jerian Grant didn’t stop. I know what DID drop – buckets of Calipari hate when Irish fan felt like he didn’t give enough love to Notre Dame.

A little terse, sure. But it’s not like he swerved way of his lane to disrespect Notre Dame. This is more about people looking for a reason to crack Calipari. “We didn’t play well… Notre Dame controlled the whole thing.”

Ooooh!! A knife to the heart of the Irish!! Not really. In fact, Not at all. Especially when the first thing he did on the trophy podium was ask the entire arena to give Notre Dame a round of applause. It’s a diss because he says ND wasn’t their toughest test? UK needed OT to beat Ole Miss. They needed double to beat A&M. He might even be right.

As always with Cal… Haters gonna hate. ND played their guts out. They played well enough to win… I’m never going to tell you to like John Calipari; this just isn’t a reason to hate him. And he didn’t disrespect anyone with those comments.

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