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Don Banks

Info & Stats: Senior NFL Writer SI.com

All Topics: Reaction to Jimmy Graham trade | Can’t believe Drew Brees let Jimmy Graham get away | Graham’s arrival in Seattle | Philadelphia dealing for Sam Bradford | Bradford running the spread | Quarterbacks take hits in Chip Kelly’s offense | Kelly’s plan | Chip Kelly could care less about star power | Kelly wants players to buy in | San Francisco 49ers plan | DeMarco Murray

Mar 11th 2015

Don’s reaction to the first day of free agency: “I can’t believe Drew Brees let Jimmy Graham get shipped away.”

  • Don Banks
  • Mar 11th 2015

Feb 16, 2012:

Don on if he thinks Jim Irsay wants Peyton Manning back in Indy next season: “I’d say the needle is pointing towards no more than yes.”

  • Don Banks
  • Feb 16, 2012 Interview

Oct 19, 2011:

Don’s thoughts on the Oakland Raiders trading for Carson Palmer: “It better workout and workout well for them, because they might have set the franchise back a few years.”

  • Don Banks
  • Oct 19, 2011 Interview

Jan 31, 2011:

Don on Dick LeBeau: “There’s never been a more respected Defensive Coordinator ever in the league.”

  • Don Banks
  • Jan 31, 2011 Interview

Jan 19, 2011:

Don on why the New York Jets beat the New England Patriots in their AFC Divisional Playoff: “Rex Ryan outcoached Bill Belichick.”

  • Don Banks
  • Jan 19, 2011 Interview

Mar 01, 2010:

Topics: Notes on Jimmy Clausen | NFL people reaction to leadership issues | How hard he went to convince about leadership issues? | Questions around Jimmy Clausen | Bradford being the face of a franchise | Consensus around Tim Tebow | Tebow is not “quarterback or bust” in his own mind, but giving it his best shot | Rams’ first pick choice | Choosing by separation at the Combine | Bumping into Peyton Manning in the streets of Indy | L.T.’s slippage in numbers; ending his career.

  • Don Banks
  • Mar 01, 2010 Interview

Feb 01, 2010:

Topics: Status of Dwight Freeney’s injury and if he will play | How significant will it be to the game | Possibility of changing the game | How the Pro Bowl stacked up | Why not just end the Pro Bowl | Who would actually buy the merchandise | Situation with Bryant McKinnie being kicked off the NFC team | How does one get kicked out of the Pro Bowl | Questioning the young QB’s in the league | Chicago Bears needing an offensive coordinator | Brett Favre’s ulimate decision for 2010 | Fran Tarkenton’s riding his comments about Brett Favre | Plans for the rest of the day.

  • Don Banks
  • Feb 01, 2010 Interview

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