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Doc Rivers

Info & Stats: Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations

All Topics: Signing DeAndre Jordan to an extension | Nothing we could have done to replace Jordan had he left | Reaction to Jordan reaching a verbal agreement with Dallas | His relationship with Jordan | Jordan changing his mind about Dallas quickly | Doesn’t think DJ owed anyone a call | Jordan getting wine and dined | Jordan realizing he had made a mistake | DeAndre and Chris Paul’s relationship | DeAndre’s role with the team | DeAndre’s role always changes | Would have been hard to compete for a title without Jordan | Crazy 48 hours with Jordan | Jordan’s house | Losing in a horrible way to Houston | Paul Pierce being so strong at Jordan’s house | Pierce’s role with the team

July 16th 2015

Doc on the reports of tension between DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul: “It was way over blown.”

  • Doc Rivers
  • July 16th 2015

Sept 24th 2014

All Topics: Summer went by quickly | Jamal Crawford | Handling the Donald Sterling situation | No one is really prepared for a situation like the Donald Sterling TMZ story | Had an idea about Sterling as a person before TMZ incident | Leaving a terrific franchise in Boston | First year with Chris Paul | Chris is so easy to coach | Biggest concern about this team is mental growth | Needing to be a better rebounding team | Steve Ballmer’s enthusiasm | Guys with enthusiasm usually are successful in life | Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher’s transition to becoming head coaches | Wyc Grousbeck’s comments about Rajon Rondo being difficult to coach | Rondo’s intelligence | NBA head coaches

Doc on new owner, Steve Ballmer: “He’s been great.”

  • Doc Rivers
  • Sept 24th 2014

Mar 7th 2013

All Topics: Big win last night at Indiana | His team’s ability to grind out games | Mental toughness of the squad | Rajon Rondo’s injury | This team coming together right before Rondo went down | Jeff Green | 13-4 without Rondo this season | Rumors about Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce being on the trade block | Danny Ainge needing to do what’s best for the organization | Kevin’s leadership | KG’s everyday motivation | NBA Playoffs | Trying to get home court in the first round? | LeBron James | James’ greatness | Great players needing to finish their careers before judging | Kobe Bryant |

Doc on Kevin Garnett being motivated everyday: “I think it gives me energy.”

  • Doc Rivers
  • Mar 7th 2013

Aug 09, 2012:

Doc on if he would be interested in coaching the 2016 Olympic team: “Yeah, clearly.”

  • Doc Rivers
  • Aug 09, 2012

Mar 29, 2012:

Doc on his son Austin playing at Duke: “It was fantastic for him.”

  • Doc Rivers
  • Mar 29, 2012

Dec 02, 2010:

Topics: Thanks Jim for saving him from the Dentist | Fans reaction to LeBron James tonight | Advice for LeBron James | Thinks Dwyane Wade will have a big game tonight | Players and superstars accepting roles | Shaq has been great | Communicating with the players is key | Kevin Garnett | Have not told Garnett to tone it down; that’s how he’s wired | Kevin Garnett is the most team orientated super star he has ever coached | His son Austin deciding on Duke | Austin had to make the choice | Would not want to coach his kids; couldn’t deal with their Mom |

  • Doc Rivers
  • Dec 02, 2010

Mar 16, 2010:

Topics: Buzz saying hello to Doc; job done in Marquette | Marquette finding ways to win tough games every time | Where the team is right now | Getting it done in a short period of time | Button pushing, compensating for injuries | Enjoyable year | Getting inside the players’ heads | Rasheed Wallace | K.G. unselfish | LeBron James’ skill-set | LeBron winning a title next | Most professional guy played with.

  • Doc Rivers
  • Mar 16, 2010

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