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Do Your Job

The Pats beat the Chargers because Bill Belichick has some bad dudes. The Man who dresses out of the hamper has got some real scrappers. This is the toughest Pats team I’ve seen since the title runs with Rich Seymour, Rodney and Bruschi. And sure The Blount and the Big Gronk jump off the screen…but it’s the entire team. Go ahead and ask Ladarius Green.

That’s a perfect hit and a panic flag. Look I get tired of defensive guys whining about rule changes and wussification. The leagues changing. Evolve. Be an athlete and adapt. But that’s exactly what Brandon Browner did.

5 years ago – a dude in his spot is putting his crown right in Green’s chest. 10 years ago it’s under the chin. Last night- it was off to the side while he laid the wood with his shoulder. Just like the league wants him to. And he still gets a huge flag that wipes out a TD.

At this point – refs aren’t just flagging dirty hits. They’re flagging big hits. If some dude gets lit up – Twitter goes OMG, the refs go CYA. It’s flag first, ask questions later. They don’t want to be the guy who didn’t throw one when a receiver got his brain scrambled. Thing is- the brain’s not located in the sternum.

And you can’t help but think the next time around Browner will go at some dude’s knees to avoid the flag. I love that the Pats have added some fierce to their finesse, now, if only the league would just let them play. The Hoodman always says Do Your Job. Browner nailed his, the refs failed theirs. Get out of the way and let them play.

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