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Do You, Cubes

I thought the Lakers had split everybody into two camps: Teamcarflag… The honks still hoping they’ll turn this thing around. And TeamTank… The strategists hoping they run the entire season into the ground.

Come to find out, there’s also Teamsuck, and it’s owned by Mark Cuban.

He told Fred Roggin on The Beast 980 in L.A. that he has a dream for this Lakers team. And next year’s. And the year after that. He said LA’s always going to be a destination for free agents, but quote “I just hope they suck forever.”

Gotta love the gall on Cubes going on L.A. radio and dropping a suck bomb on every car flagger from Long Beach up through the 818.

Of course he’s going to bring the hate. Is there any shock here that Cuban said this? What’s he supposed to say…? Well, I really hope the Lakers get back on their feet because it’s a better league when they matter. Hell no. He hopes they lose 70 games, their draft pick gets injured on night 1 like Julius Randle did this year, and they lose another 70 next year. The Mavs would be a lot better if the Lakers sucked forever.

Cuban said the same thing after L.A. landed Dwight Howard. “I don’t know, I don’t care. I just hope they suck.” and they did. And they do now.

And Cuban probably lights a cohiba every time they lose. Jim Harbaugh hopes Pete Carroll loses games every year. The Steinbrenner bros hope the Red Sox lose 100.

And this is Mark Cuban’s favorite season since he won a ring, and I see him working. There are 28 owners in the NBA who hope the Lakers suck forever, but only one who’ll say it. Do you, Cubes.

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