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DJ Shoot The Ball

Nobody in all of LA was as angry as Chris Paul last night. Show me the biggest road rager blowing a gasket on the 110 freeway, and I guarantee he’s all kumbaya compared to Chris Paul at Staples. And really, I see CP3 working. Tied in a battle with Portland at the end of regulation, Doc Rivers drew up a nice little inbounds play to Paul, he missed high off the glass, Deandre Jordan got the rebound…and tapped it home for the buzzer beater! Clips win! No they don’t.

Because DJ turned into a statue. Somebody call I.T.! Deandre’s frozen up and pinwheeled. I think there’s some malfare in dude’s mainframe. Dude froze up like Netflix on dial up. The last time a DJ froze that badly.. Milli Vanilli’s tape skipped and they had to bolt off the stage. UH-OH! Deandre just standing there with the ball reminded me of little kids in elementary school , not grasping the rules. Deandre’s the one freaky tall who gets the rebounds and doens’t know what to do, while all the dads scream from the stands to shoot the ball. But in this case the dad was Chris Paul. And dude was this close to going Julius Hodge on his own teammate.

He would have ripped the rock out of his hands if Deandre wasn’t holding it 8 feet over his head like a big brother. Of course the Clipps lost in OT, and Deandre said “We had our chances.” You sure did. LIke that one chance in the final second where you could have knocked in a game winner with your forehead. The West is a tough racket, you’re probably gonna wish you had that win. Doc needs the Geek Squad on stand by. Because the nexst time they have a contender beat, somebody better hit DJ with a Control-Alt-Delete.

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