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Dirty Shot, Gronk

When the Patriots go to Buffalo, a couple of things are guaranteed. The Patriots will win, they did, 23-3. A sex toy will be thrown on the field. It was. Again. Allegedly. Probably. Almost definitely.

And yet, somehow, neither of those two things are the big talking point coming of yesterday. Instead, it’s all about this:

This is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts Gronk… Because I really like this guy, and I’m not sure you can actually hurt Gronk, but let me start by saying this about that – what the hell was that? Because it looked like Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White coming down with an interception and Rob Gronkowski coming off the top rope with a forearm to the back of the head while he was on the ground. But seriously, what the hell was that?

I mean, aside from being terrible. And dangerous. And exactly the kind of thing that Bills players won’t forget. I get that there was some hand fighting between Gronk and White when the ball was in the air. And that Gronk might have been pissed that there was no flag thrown, but you simply cannot do what he did.

I’m still not sure how he stayed in the game after that. It’s one thing when there’s a shot to the head in the course of play. The league is trying to reduce those, but that’ll happen… Because the game is so fast… This happened after the play was over, while his opponent was face down and defenseless. And Gronk just lowered the boom on him.

That’s not Gronk being Gronk. That’s dirty. Out of character for a good dude like Gronk.. But dirty.. And Gronk isn’t dirty.. But that was dirty..

And he tried to walk it back after the game: “I don’t believe in shots like that. I’m not in the business of that. It was a lot of frustration. At that moment, it happened naturally through emotions and frustration.”

Kind of tough to square “I don’t believe in shots like that” when you just delivered a shot like that. You might “not be in the business of that,” but you just filed for an LLC and opened up a shop on Main Street specializing in forearms to the back of the head.

Gronk tried to explain a little more: “At the top of the route, it felt like it was a big hole at the top, and then the throw was definitely, I mean, I felt like he kind of pushed me a little bit and made the play. I just don’t understand why there wasn’t a flag.”

And then he referenced an offensive pass interference from earlier in the game.

“It was a couple times in the game, and they’re calling me for the craziest stuff ever. And it’s crazy, like, what am I supposed to do? And then they don’t call that [on White]. It was just frustration, and that’s what happened.”

What am I supposed to do? Pretty much anything other than diving on a defenseless player after the play is over. Who are you, Vontaze Burfict? Also, let’s check the tense on that last line: “It was just frustration and that’s what happened.” No, you going with a forearm blast to the dome of a player on the ground isn’t “what happened,” it is what you did. That didn’t just happen, that happened because you did it. Drop the passive voice. Take ownership of what you did.

Even your own coach, Bill Belichick, appeared to be on camera saying to Bills coach Sean McDermott “It was bullbleep. I’m sorry. I apologize.”

Just know the Bills aren’t going to let this one go anytime soon. Just ask Micah Hyde: That’s a dirty play, man. That’s not cool. It’s amazing to me that you don’t get ejected for something like that. It’s crazy. He obviously saw him on the ground. It’s like a wrestling move. I don’t know — elbow, shoulder — I don’t know what it was. I saw on the replay it was just a dirty play, man. That’s something the NFL talks about all the time about not wanting. If the refs didn’t see it live, they had a good chance to see it on the replay. Just a dirty play. Just touch him. Put your foot on him. Tackle him. You don’t need to drive your shoulder or elbow into him. That wasn’t cool. Obviously, the game was already — it was a pretty big margin at that time. There was just no need for that in the game we play.”

No need at all. And there’s a very good chance that Gronkowski will be suspended. And he should be. That was dirty. And dangerous. And exactly the kind of thing the league wants to eliminate. That wasn’t a football play. It wasn’t even in a football play, it was between football plays.

And one that the Bills will remember when they meet again on Christmas Eve.. And don’t think they won’t be looking to retaliate.. Because they will.. Bad enough that they always kick your ass, even worse to do it again, and cheap shot you at the same time.. no way this is the last we’ve heard of this.

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