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Devin McCourty on stopping Gronk: ‘I don’t know that anyone’s found a solution yet’

A week after playing at Lambeau Field, New England safety Devin McCourty said he was surprised when he came out for warm-ups in San Diego to a sea of Patriot blue in the stands. The All-Pro believes the fan support was helpful in the Patriots’ 23-14 win over the Chargers, keeping them on track for possible home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

“It didn’t feel like the week previously being in Green Bay,” McCourty told The Jim Rome Show. “It was almost like a bowl game where you come out and you’re playing close to home so you’re excited because all your fans came out to see you play in a warm place. So it was really good for us to be there and to have that home crowd kind of behind us.”

Having a weapon like tight end Rob Gronkowski also helps on the road says McCourty, and that’s why the Patriots’ defense challenges Gronk everyday in practice.

“What you see him do in the game he doesn’t do in practice,” McCourty joked. “We make sure we shut him down in practice and at the end of the week we try to give him some confidence going forward into Sunday.”

McCourty did give the 5th year pro props and doesn’t think any team has been able to find a way to stop the tight end, who some view as the best weapon in the NFL.

“Given the chance to see the things he does week in and week out, it’s amazing,” McCourty said of Gronk. “He goes out there, and I’m sure every team that plays us knows they want to stop him and I don’t know that anyone’s found a solution yet.”

  • Devin McCourty
  • Dec 11th 2014

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