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Devin McCourty

Info & Stats: New England Patriots Safety

All Topics: San Diego game | New England fans’ in San Diego | His pick six getting called back | Brandon Browner’s physicality | Being named All-Pro by the AP at both cornerback and safety | Transition to safety | Week 4 loss to Kansas City | Bill Belichick showing a picture of Gronk and a cat in this mornings’ meeting | Gronk | Gronk at practice |

Dec 11th 2014

Devin on playing in San Diego filled with New England fans: “It almost felt like a bowl game.”

  • Devin McCourty
  • Dec 11th 2014

Nov 14th 2013

All Topics: Injuries on the team | Guys stepping up | Transition from corner to safety | Rules of the game | Needing to be careful about where you hit someone | His twin brother Jason playing for Tennessee | He’s always teaching his brother | The Patriot Way | 7-2 on the season | No panic from this team |

Devin on if there’s been any panic in the locker room this season: “Nah.”

  • Devin McCourty
  • Nov 14th 2013

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