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Derrick Mason

Info & Stats: Former NFL Wideout

All Topics: Radio Row Day 1 | The vibe on Radio Row is a little slow | Allegations of Patriots playing with under inflated balls | Doesn’t think Tom Brady intentionally wanted the balls to be under inflated | It is cheating if the balls were under inflated | No Asterisk on Pats if they win the Super Bowl | Baltimore vs. New England rivalry | Bill Belichick throwing Brady under the bus | Spygate | Patriots will get over deflate-gate | His Super Bowl experiences | Steve McNair | His decisions to retire

Jan 26th 2015

Derrick on if a team plays with under inflated balls is it cheating: “Yeah, it is.”

  • Derrick Mason
  • Jan 26th 2015

Jul 29, 2011:

Derrick on being released by the Baltimore Ravens: “It came as a complete surprise to me.”

  • Derrick Mason
  • Jul 29, 2011 Interview

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