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Derek Carr

Info & Stats: Oakland Raiders Quarterback

All Topics: Rookie season in the NFL | Beating the 49ers | Rivalry with San Francisco | Guys were angry after the Rams loss | Blitzes | Jim Harbaugh to Oakland rumors | Tony Sparano is his coach | Would love for the team to bring Sparano back | 0-10 start | Football being a game | His son, Dallas | Kansas City game | Feels like they’re a good football team | Locker room dynamic | Leadership | Approaching Charles Woodson when he first arrived | Justin Tuck | MC Hammer | MC Hammer tweeting at him | Knows MC Hammer through his brothers |

Dec 9th 2014

Derek on if he wants the team to bring Tony Sparano back? Absolutely.

  • Derek Carr
  • Dec 9th 2014

Apr 18th 2014

All Topics: NFL Draft | Crazy couple months | Feels like he’s the best quarterback in the class | Confident not arrogant | His work ethic | Playing in a spread and pro-style offense in his college career | His dog, Bruce Wayne | Hopes to be the first quarterback selected | Talk about his brother signing with the team he’s drafted by | His brother’s NFL career | Cleveland Browns interest | His son Dallas is doing great | Leaning towards staying home for the draft

Derek on if he will be the first quarterback selected in the draft: “I hope so.”

  • Derek Carr
  • Apr 18th 2014

Sep 3rd 2013

All Topics: Beating Rutgers in overtime | The team rallying back from a 20-7 deficit | Overtime | His son Dallas being born in August | Dallas starting to throw up | Could tell something was wrong with Dallas | Dallas being rushed to another hospital | Needing to be strong for his wife | His faith | Focusing on football | His wife calling the coach at practice | Sleeping at the hospital | Dallas is doing great right now | His brother David | Growing up with David | Throwing passes to Andre Johnson as a kid | Going to Fresno | Being a celebrity when he first arrived at Fresno | He was an idiot | Doing things he wasn’t raised to be doing | Apologizing to his team |

Derek on growing up with his brother, David: “It was a blessing.”

  • Derek Carr
  • Sep 3rd 2013

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