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Denver vs. Indy

Have you heard: Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck insist that Broncos-Colts is not about the two of them playing each other.

It’s Denver v. Indy. Not The Master vs. The Heir Apparent… The Mallard vs. Grizzly Adams. The guy who tucks his jersey into his jeans vs The guy with a Nokia flip phone.

Call it whatever you want. Just know these guys won’t go there. They insist it’s just another challenge on the way to the ultimate prize. Try as they may, the media just can’t get either one of them to spit any fire this week.

In fact, it got so bad, someone resorted to asking Andy what would happen if he and Peyt went at it one on one in hoops: Ridiculous right? Why even ask that? Obviously Andy would back that old man down on the low block, and he’d swat Peyt’s “two-handed set shot” into the parking lot.

As for Sunday fellas… You win, we tap, we get it. Luck’s not playing linebacker, and Peyt’s not coming off the corner. It’s not about them playing against each other,… but it is about them playing the pass rushers. And Denver’s are way better.

In a game with two great qbs, gimme the team with guys who can GET to the qbs. Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware have 176 career sacks, nobody on Indy brings the noise like that. Denver rushes the passer better, and considering Trent Richardson is now covering punts(!), the Broncos run the ball better too. Way better.

I get that you can never underestimate Pinkhead Mallard’s ability to fall on his face… But I see Andy Neckbeard being on his back. He has been all season. I think he will be to END the season. Denver 38. Indy 34.

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