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Dennis Dodd

Info & Stats: CBSSports.com College Football Columnist

All Topics: NCAA releasing their North Carolina report on Game 1 of the NBA Finals | North Carolina’s academic fraud | North Carolina’s allegations are between 2002-11 | Roy Williams not being mentioned in the reports | Doesn’t anticipate North Carolina basketball being in much trouble | Roy Williams closing in a contract extension | Paper classes | Conflict of interest by the NCAA | Cardale Jones | Braxton Miller staying at Ohio State |

Jun 6th 2015

Dennis on allegations against the University of North Carolina: “Worst academic fraud in history.”

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Jun 5th 2015

Nov 6th 2014

All Topics: Ohio State vs. Michigan State, Saturday Night | Big 10’s last dance Saturday Night | Even if Michigan State wins out, they could still be left out of the playoff | Big 10 problems | Urban Meyer’s run in Columbus | Brady Hoke’s future at Michigan | Michigan’s next coach | It’s a bad time for Michigan to be looking for a head coach | College Football Playoff | TCU | Alabama | Jameis Winston in the NFL | Likes Auburn

Dennis on how likely would it be if Alabama makes the playoff: “I just have a feeling they will.”

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Nov 6th 2014

Apr 22nd 2014

All Topics: 10 year anniversary of Pat Tillman’s death | The federal government covering up Tillman’s death | Everyone just assumed Tillman would come home | Tillman seemed invincible | The shock of Tillman’s death | His jaw dropped when he learned Tillman had enlisted in the military | Tillman dropping his contract offer with Arizona | Tillman wanting to be an Army Ranger | Tillman knew what he represented | Pat tried to understand the world | Talk about Pat Tillman being in the Hall of Fame | Pat’s run this weekend | Tillman still being a huge inspiration | Tillman’s hatred for dishonesty | The Government trying to use Tillman’s death for their benefit

Dennis on Pat Tillman: “Absolutely. he belongs in the Hall of Fame.”

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Apr 22th 2014

Dec 16th 2013

All Topics: Texas job | Nick Saban signing an extension with Alabama last Friday | Jimmy Sexton and Saban using Texas | Sexton meeting with Texas | Mack Brown stepping down Saturday | Brown’s reason for leaving | Brown being all class in the way he stepped down | Texas officials | When it goes bad at Texas it really goes bad | Brown being at peace with leaving Texas | Brown still may want to coach | Brown’s future | Big name candidates being floated around about Texas job | David Shaw | Thinks Texas will call Pete Carroll first | Texas standard | Longhorn Network | Texas needs a George Clooney who can coach | Heisman Trophy | Him giving up his Heisman vote | Jameis Winston situation |

Dennis on Mack Brown: “I think he wants to coach again.”

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Dec 16th 2013

Aug 7th 2013

All Topics: A 3rd autograph broker comes forward on Manziel | Manziel becoming a major distraction | Manziel hates signing autographs | Manziel is a loaded pistol | Doesn’t understand why Manziel would take money, he’s rich | Manziel going to a UT party | NCAA Investigation | Jadeveon Clowney signing autographs? | Possible Manziel suspension | Manziel and his family meeting with Texas A&M administration | Texas A&M telling Manziel they were there for him | A&M was trying to help Manziel | Manziel’ s comments about A&M | Support for Manziel | Apologize to Terrelle Pryor

Dennis on the summer of Johnny Manziel: “It’s a tremendous distraction for a team trying to win a national championship.”

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Aug 7th 2013

Feb 6th 2013

All Topics: National Signing Day | Ole Miss winning the day | Hugh Freeze being a heck of a recruiter | Freeze being very open about not violating rules | No. 1 recruit Robert Nkemdiche going to Ole Miss | Shaking Nkemdiche hand | Nkemdiche having his head on straight | Alex Collins situation | Collins’ mom ripping the paper work after he signed with Arkansas | Alex’s reaction to his mom | Arkansas reaction to Collins’ mom | National Signing Day | Being around the football offices on Signing Day | Arkansas | Bret Bielema is perfect for the region | Over-signing | Is it a good thing that Signing Day has gotten this big? | Scholarship agreement | Recruits don’t have to sign today |

Dennis on if he’s ever seen anything like what Ole Miss has done today on National Signing Day: “No, and this kind of thing usually raises flags.”

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Feb 6th 2013

Jan 7th 2013

All Topics: Notre Dame vs. Alabama in tonight’s BCS National Championship Game | Notre Dame being the biggest underdog in this game in the past 10 years | Notre Dame being lucky and good | Notre Dame will need help to win this game | Everett Golson | Alabama | Nick Saban | Saban’s future if he wins another BCS National Championship | Saban is 61 |Saban is in a position to be the best college football coach of all time |Chip Kelly | Kelly wanting more control | Kelly could be losing his leverage with NFL teams |Doug Marrone | Marrone heading to Buffalo Marrone’s record was 25-25 at Syracuse |

Dennis on Nick Saban: “He’s in a position to be the best college football coach of all time.”


  • Dennis Dodd
  • Jan. 7, 2013

Aug 26, 2011:

Dennis on if College Football is heading towards four super conferences of 16 teams a piece: “Yeah, I think so.”

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Aug 26, 2011 Interview

Nov 10, 2010:

Topics: How damaging is the report to Auburn about Cam Newton | Is Auburn convinced Newton is innocent | Is it a gamble to let him play | Newton’s eligibility in question | Auburn has not received a letter of inquiry | Who is dropping the dime on Newton | Wild wild west days of the SEC | Federal law prohibits exposing grades | Which camp the leaks could be coming from | Reason he did not go to Mississippi St. | Newton proclaimed it was his dad’s choice, that his dad was going to guide him | Thoughts on media coverage of the story | New journalistic age | Heisman vote choice | Media proctology exam because of Reggie Bush | Integrity factored in with the Heisman vote

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Nov 10, 2010 Interview

Sep 27, 2010:

Topics: Was Boise State beating Oregon State impressive? | Rest of Boise State’s schedule | Boise State’s next big game is against Nevada | Column on Boise State | All of these power programs at one time were Boise State | Chris Petersen | Petersen’s son | Boise State in the SEC | Petersen is one of the brightest offensive minds in the country | Recruiting | Texas losing to UCLA | Big 12 | Nebraska’s game against South Dakota State? | Oklahoma Sooners | Brian Kelly and Notre Dame | Notre Dame’s issues | Mark Ingram playing himself back into Heisman contention | Alabama vs. Florida |

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Sep 27, 2010 Interview

Jul 23, 2010:

Topics: SEC Media Day | Robbie Caldwell | Robbie was pleasant, nice to see a guy get a dream job | Doesn’t think Caldwell will last more than a season | Thinks Bobby Johnson did Caldwell a favor | Nick Saban’s comments about agents being pimps came from Dodd’s question | Agents | South Beach party | How can you stop the agents talking to the players? | SEC | Is the SEC still the most dominating conference? | Only two elite teams in the conference, Alabama and Florida | Steve Spurrier | Spurrier looked like a beat man | Spurrier’s swagger is gone | Spurrier said he hasn’t won enough games to talk smack | Mark Richt | Lane Kiffin with Pat Haden | SC’s sanctions | Alabama | Alabama is still the team to beat | Nebraska going to the Big Ten |

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Jul 23, 2010 Interview

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