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DeMar DeRozan

Info & Stats: Toronto Raptors Guard

All Topics: Huge expectations this season | Wining the Atlantic Division last season | Changing the culture in Toronto | Feeling like you need to prove something every time you take the court | World Cup experience | Winning a gold medal | His workouts back in the day

Oct 30th 2014

DeMar’s mentality: “Always have the mindset of being the underdogs.”

  • DeMar DeRozan
  • Oct 30th 2014

Feb 4th 2014

All Topics: Getting a win last night to get back on track | Named to his first All Star game last week | Can’t wait to be a part of the Sunday night game | Toronto being along ways away from California | Didn’t know what to expect when he was drafted by Toronto | Never finishing above .500 in the NBA | Worked extremely hard last summer | Toronto fans | Being viewed as a non-shooter because he’s athletic | Kendrick Lamar | Drake

DeMar on being selected to his first NBA All Star Game: “It was definitely a privilege.”

  • DeMar DeRozan
  • Feb 4th 2014

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