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Welcome to the second phase of Deflategate. I’d say it’s “more than probable” Tom Brady is having a terrible day. Because the guy who appears to have a perfect life just got hit with a tire iron by Ted Wells.

Nothing in 2015 stinks quite like leaked text messages and cell records. And the fact that the star quarterback was blowing up an equipment lackey after the scandal broke- that’s some cover-up-is-worse-than-the-crime hall of fame stuff.

Ted Wells doesn’t’ reach a definitive conclusion. So I will. I think Brady knew exactly what was going on with his footballs.

Again, there’s no way some low level scrubs like these two would ever mess with Tom Brady’s footballs. Also, just look at the texts to Pats employees John Jastremski and Jim McNally. McNally actually glossed himself “The Deflator.”

There’s Brady complaining mid-season about the balls being over inflated. There’s mention of “going to ESPN” with information. There’s talk of Brady hooking them up with signed merch. There’s Brady hitting John Jastremski with a “Johnny Boy” along with a personal invitation to his Quarterback room to talk things over. A place where he had never been before. And there are 6 phone calls in 3 days from Tommy Boy to Johnny Boy right in the eye of the storm after the title game.

Tiger Woods begging his side piece to change her outgoing message thinks Brady was panicking.

And I think Brady was acting like a guy who just stepped in bleep for the first time in his life and was scrambling to scrape it off. He can’t. He won’t. He’ll still be wearing a trace of this stink when he’s wearing a yellow blazer.

Hoodie has Spygate. Tommy has Deflategate. Ted Wells didn’t have his smoking gun, but to know Brady is shady you really don’t need one.

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