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Daxter’s Prediction

You know who else’s name we know? Dexter Miles Jr. Or Dustin. Or Drexler. Or Baxter. Or Tractor. No… it’s Daxter. Not that anybody on Kentucky knows his name. They just know him as the guy who called for 36-1 and then went out and had zero points, zero assists, zero steals – and even bricked his two free throws.

If you’re going to run your mouth like that before the game…I don’t know….maybe you actually show up FOR THE GAME. 36-1? No, 18-to-2. As soon as the scoreboard said that, you gotta wonder if Big Dax wanted his prediction back.

Look – I said it yesterday- I like that this kid had the moxie to call his shot for history. And yes, he will be forgotten about by tonight. But he’s gotta wear it today. The news cycle moves fast- it doesn’t move that fast. Especially not when the Kentucky players are holding it back by digging in their heels on the Dax.

Bobby Huggs had his kids back and said the idea of Dax motivating the Cats was quote “BS”. But you know who disagrees with the Bear? The Cats. UK guard Tyler Ulis, take it away. “They should have kept their mouth shut and it might not have been like that. Our whole plan was to crush their spirit — beat ‘em by 50 for disrespecting us.”

The bad news for UK is that Notre Dame isn’t going to say squat. The goods news Daxter is that it’s already after 4pm Eastern. The day is almost over! Simple plan: Just don’t click your mentions until we hit the weekend, and don’t ever ever EVER poke the BBN bear again.

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