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David West

Info & Stats: Indiana Pacers Forward

All Topics: NBA Season being a marathon not a sprint | Paul George injury | Playing a better style of ball right now | George recovery | George wanting to get back | George is progressing well | His reaction to George’s injury | George being a Top 5 talent | Injuries | Confidence of this team is growing | Trying to make the playoffs | 12 years in the league | Ring | Wanting to win a ring in Indiana | Having no interest in leaving Indiana | Brian Shaw | Denver firing Shaw | Shaw’s style is a little different | Shaw treats his players like adults | Coaching in the West | Younger teams needing leadership | Monty Williams | Playing for Williams | Life after basketball

Mar 9th 2015

David on Paul George: “He’s progressing well.”

  • David West
  • Mar 9th 2015

Nov 13th 2013

All Topics: 8-0 on the season | Having a good locker room to block out most of the noise | Wanting to get off to a fast start | Not having big name guys | Paul George not getting the respect he deserves | George’s confidence | Team defense | Winning ball games with their defense | Roy Hibbert protecting the rim | Losing in 7 games to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals last season | His role this year | Being a free agent last summer | Never crossed his mind about leaving Indiana |

David on the possibility of leaving Indiana last summer as a free agent: “It never crossed my mind.”

  • David West
  • Nov 13th 2013

May 10th 2013

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | New York Knicks Series | Game 2 breakdown vs. Knicks | Relaxing a bit too much in Game 2 | Couple days to prepare for Game 3 | Making the Knicks work | Carmelo Anthony | Raymond Felton and Kenyon Martin play | Madison Square Garden environment | Energy | Amar’e Stoudemire expected to play tonight | Felton’s comments on the Pacers going after Carmelo’s injured shoulder in Game 1 | Carmelo guarding him |

David on the Knicks possibly getting back Amar’e Stoudemire for Game 3: “It’s really not going to change what we do.”

  • David West
  • May 10th 2013

Jan 24th 2013

All Topics: Playing without Danny Granger | Paul George has been able to grow without Granger | His game without Granger | Danny is working his way back | Danny will add to what they’re doing | Miami series last year | Not closing Miami out | As a group last season not being in that situation before really hurt them close the Heat out | His Draft class of 2003 | The scouting report on him | Always working on his game and staying motivated | Skip Prosser | Coach Prosser giving him confidence | Skip being a teacher first |

David on this team compared to last season’s squad: “Gotten bigger, and better.”

  • David West
  • Jan. 24, 2013

Mar 22, 2011:

David on the Western Conference: “It’s always tough.”

  • David West
  • Mar 22, 2011 Interview

Mar 05, 2012:

David on why he chose to sign with the Indiana Pacers: “I was attracted to the depth.”

  • David West
  • Mar 05, 2012 Interview

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