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David Blatt’s Bulls

LeBron’s Cavs just evened the series with David Blatt’s Bulls.

Serious question- in the final minute of Game 4, which team was Blatt coaching? Because it looked like he had joined Tom Thibodeau’s staff and was coaching his backside off to beat the Cavs.

D-Rose ties the game with 9.4 seconds left, and D-Blatt tries to blow the game by calling a timeout he didn’t have. “Yeah I almost blew it, to be honest with you.”

And to be honest with YOU- you should hand your clipboard to Tyronn Lue. Because if the Cavs assistant hadn’t ripped the head coach off the court, Blatt gets t’d, the Bulls get the ball, and Blatt looks like a buffoon. Chris Webber panicking in a huge moment as a college kid was pretty bad, but an NBA head coach giving away a playoff game because he can’t count?? LeBron would have fired him right there on the floor. And he’d be right.

Oh, and how about the Blatt Man chasing that timeout attempt by drawing up an inbounds play that had LeBron inbounding the ball with 1.5 seconds left? What was the plan there Blatt- the King was going to dish it to Matty Dellavedova?? Quoting Bron “To be honest, the play that was drawn up, um, I scratched it.”

I scratched it. To be honest, that’s nice way of saying “get outta my face with this BS and give me the ball.”

No shock there. The surprise is that LeBron let Blatt draw up a play in the first place. He won’t again. Because down 2-1 on the road, the Cavs biggest nemesis was their own head coach.

Way to stay composed, Coach. Blow it in Game 5 and LeBron will scratch you too. Just being honest.

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