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Daryl Morey

Info & Stats: Houston Rockets General Manager

All Topics: Chris Paul trade | Being obsessed with Paul for a long time | Paul and James Harden co-existing | Position-less basketball | Last season | 2016-17 Season | Goals | Golden State’s greatness | Have to continue to take risks | James Harden has gone way beyond his expectations | Analytics | Staying ahead of the curve | Tanking being a good approach | Sam Hinkie

July 17th 2017

Daryl on Chris Paul: “Someone we’ve been obsessed with for a long time.”

Jan 27th 2016

All Topics: Winning 3 straight games | Being on a good improvement path | Acquiring Josh Smith | Josh choosing L.A. over them last summer | Smith’s had success in Houston | Trevor Ariza’s play | James Harden playing like an MVP | Not having a good training camp | San Antonio tonight | Spurs being smashed by Golden State | J.B. Bickerstaff | Firing Kevin McHale | Bickerstaff being 36 years old | Blake Griffin’s incident | Cleveland firing David Blatt | Coaches speaking out about Blatt firing |

Daryl on the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors: “They’re a historic team at this point.”

Oct 29th 2015

All Topics: Season opening loss to Denver | Championship teams don’t lose like they did to Denver | Golden State’s 2014-15 Season | Stability around core players | Ty Lawson and James Harden playing together is an adjustment for both | Harden’s motivation | Harden’s growth | Dwight Howard’s knee | Howard is ready to go | We’re pretty excited to unleash Dwight vs. Golden State | Need Dwight at full strength in April | Dwight’s personality | Shane Battier Karaoke | 3 point line

Daryl on their season opening loss to Denver: “Cause for concern.”

Daryl Morey

Apr 15th 2015

All Topics: Western Conference Playoff scenario | Needing to win tonight against Utah | Playoff seeds | Injuries in the Western Conference | Golden State separating themselves | Kevin McHale’s coaching job | MVP | Harden vs. Curry | Harden’s amazing season | No way we thought Harden would become a MVP caliber player in the league | Thought they were getting an All-Star level player in Harden | Harden’s work ethic | Dwight Howard’s health | Charles Barkley’s take on analytics | Charles being Charles | Barkley missing a point with analytics | Talent | College basketball being absolute torture | College coaches in the NBA | 1 and done |

Daryl on why James Harden should be league MVP: “He’s put the most wins for his team on the board.”

Daryl Morey

Nov 11th 2014

All Topics: Start of the 2014-15 Season | Defense | James Harden taking heat for his defense last season | The Harden YouTube defensive video is awful | Dwight Howard looks like he’s in his prime | Howard’s documentary | Howard and Kobe Bryant jawing at each other during their most recent game | I thought Kobe was pretty inappropriate | Twitter | The team trying to sign Chris Bosh last summer | Having two of the top 5 players in the league right now | Spurs resting their starters against them | Mark Cuban | Houston being attractive to free agents |

Daryl on Dwight Howard: “He looks like he’s in his prime.”

Daryl Morey

Apr 17th 2014

All Topics: We’re healthy heading into the playoffs | Dwight Howard coming back from injury | Facing Portland in the first round of the playoffs | Needing to bring their defense against Portland | Defending Portland | James Harden’s big numbers | Harden’s better than anyone thought | Thinks Harden is best two guard in the game | Chandler Parsons could be that 3rd good player on a title contender | Patrick Beverley’s game | Patrick being from the mean streets of Chicago | Damian Lillard is a great player | This teams integration | Being the youngest team in the playoffs | The percentage of teams not trying to win in the NBA? | The system is structured to tank | Them not going the route of a heavy rebuild when Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady left the team | Message boards

Daryl on James Harden: “I think he’s the best shooting guard in the game.”

Daryl Morey

July 22nd 2013

All Topics: His pitch to Dwight Howard | Trying to trade for Dwight twice | The NBA game | Howard taking a lot of criticism | Howard’s injury issues last season | Thinks Howard could fit anywhere | Leaving the meeting with Dwight | Wasn’t completely sure about Dwight until he saw him sign the contract | Winning is Dwight’s number one criteria | James Harden | Dwight and James being the leaders of the team | The organization’s history | The James Harden move | Never having a high lottery pick | Good fortune in the lead | Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin’s future with the team | Asik’s defense | Lin’s pick and roll game | Royce White | The White experience being tough for everybody | The gamble with White | It was clearly a mistake drafting White | Chandler Parsons |

Daryl on when he felt confident Dwight Howard would sign with them: “Not until he moved his hand on the contract.”

Daryl Morey

Jun 03, 2011:

Daryl on this years Draft: “The talent is deep into the 40s.”

Daryl Morey

Dec 30, 2010:

Topics: Amazing show when LeBron comes to town | Not surprised at how well LeBron, Wade and Bosh are playing together | How good the NBA is right now | David Stern deserves a lot of credit | Rule changes and depth of talent is very impressive | Biggest offseason move other than LeBron’s decision | Lakers struggling but will be fine | Injuries are usually the problem when a team is struggling | Ratings are up in the NBA | The idea of contraction is a bad one | League is very healthy | Yao-Ming as a tradable commodity | Team needs presence in the middle | Most talented young player in the league

Daryl Morey

Jul 21, 2010:

Topics: 2010 NBA Free Agency | Meeting with Chris Bosh | Targeted Bosh as our key guy | Presentation with Bosh | Bosh, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade playing together | The 3 Stars together are good for the league | Singing Luis Scola | New Jersey really wanted Scola | Matching Kyle Lowry’s offer | Lowry really wanted to be a starter | Yao Ming | Ming is doing great, he will defiantly be ready for camp | Yao’s impact | Lakers are still the team too beat | Signing Brad Miller | Our team is made with defense | Dynamic between General Manager and Head Coach | Rick Adelman | Winning a title | Global basketball | Patrick Patterson | It will be tough for our young players to crack the rotation | Team depth | Stats | Started at Stats Inc. | Career began in Baseball |

Daryl Morey

Feb 19, 2010:

Topics: Reaction to complex trade deal | Concern over Kevin Martin’s injuries | Fitting in with Yao Ming | Saying goodbye to Carl Landry | Other acquired contributions | What went wrong with Tracy McGrady | McGrady a unique offensive talent | Doing better than they thought? | Antawn Jamison to Cleveland | Rule changes needed? | Getting “racked”.

Daryl Morey

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