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Daniel Cormier

Info & Stats: UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

All Topics: UFC 220 vs. Volkan Oezdemir | Final weight cut right now | Eat after final weigh in | Loss to Jon Jones | Jon Jones’ PED test | Volkan Oezdemir | Oezdemir’s power | Combing his daughter’s hair

Jan 17th 2018

CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight

July 25th 2017

All Topics: In Studio | UFC 214 vs. Jon Jones | So comfortable right now | Jon Jones is the only man he hasn’t beaten | Still doesn’t like Jon | Broken when Jones was pulled from UFC 200 | Improved his standup since losing to Jones in 2015 | He and his coaching staff have improved since losing to Jones | Have prepared for the best version of Jon Jones | Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather | Conor being a cold pimp | Conor is the greatest promoter of all-time | Floyd’s been hit | Floyd is a boxing savant

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