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Dana White on UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz: ‘We don’t know where Nick is’

Dana White told The Jim Rome Show on Radio Row there is a problem surrounding Anderson Silva’s return to the octagon this Saturday night at UFC 183: finding his opponent, Nick Diaz.

“We don’t know where Nick is,” the UFC President said. “I literally Instagrammed a picture of him on a milk carton today, he’s M.I.A.”

White said there’s been a problem the past few days locating Diaz, who is making his return to the UFC after a brief retirement.

“We have a show called UFC Embedded, they showed up their Sunday to start filming him, couldn’t find him,” White said. “We went through his management team they set it up, they said ‘what we do is we will set up a team dinner you guys can film at the team dinner,’ none of them showed up at the team dinner. Then nobody answered the phone when our guys starting calling. So then yesterday, Nick was supposed to land in Las Vegas at 2:20 he missed his flight. So his management team called and said ‘book him another flight at 7:30,’ not only did he miss the first one, he missed the second, his bags made it to Vegas and he never did.”

White is neither surprised something has gone wrong leading up to a fight involving Diaz, nor is he overly concerned.

“A couple years ago it made me crazy, now I’m kind of use to it. When you’re doing business with Nick Diaz you kind of know what to expect now,” said White. “There’s a lot of things he doesn’t show up for, but he shows up for the fight.”

White said he has no one to blame, but himself.

“I did it to myself, again; I made a fight with Nick Diaz a big main event fight,” said White.

The UFC President also talked about light heavyweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s first round technical knockout of Alexander Gustafsson and confirmed Johnson will face champion Jon Jones next.

“The way he did it makes no sense whatsoever,” said White. “This is a guy (Gustafsson) who went five hard rounds with Jon Bones and many people believe he won that fight and many people believe Jones won the fight. For him (Johnson) to come out and knock out the guys in the 205 pound division that he is, it’s unbelievable and I’m very excited for the fight with him and Jon Jones.”

As for when Jones vs. Johnson will happen, White is closing in on an exact date.

“We’re looking to do that fight in May,” said White. “I don’t have the exact date, but May.”

  • Dana White
  • Jan 28th 2015

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