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Dana White on Jon Jones: ‘there’s definitely something wrong’

UFC President Dana White shared his reaction to Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ positive test for traces of cocaine, just weeks before his fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

“I was horrified. I didn’t see that one coming, I didn’t expect that,” White told The Jim Rome Show. “Three weeks before the biggest fight of his life, against probably the toughest guy he’s ever fought, and I didn’t expect to see that.”
White isn’t sure if Jones has a drug problem, but knows there’s something going on with the 27-year old.

“My thing is, whether you have a problem with street drugs or not, you say you don’t have a problem, there’s definitely something wrong if you’re doing that three weeks before the biggest fight of your life,” said White. “So were getting to the bottom of that now.”

The UFC President is aware of reports suggesting Jones checked himself out of rehab after a night, but says the Light Heavyweight Champion isn’t brushing aside the problem.

“He has taken this seriously,” said White. “I’m not going to speak for Jon Jones. When Jon Jones comes out and speaks and he will soon, he can clear all that up.”

White acknowledges Jones’ greatness inside the octagon, but also admitted he’s had his hands full with the fighter outside of it, too.

“Jon Jones has been one of the most amazing talents we’ve seen. He’s the pound for pound greatest fighter in the world, he’s defended the title more than anybody in that weight class,” said White. “But you know he’s been a bit of a handful. He’s a young guy with an extreme amount of talent and has done incredible things but he’s been a bit of a handful.”

  • Dana White
  • Jan 15th 2015

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