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Dana White Has Found A New Star

Somehow, Pats-Colts wasn’t the worst beat down of the day. Instead it was the one Conor McGregor put on Dennis Siver’s face.

Deflate gate? I think the McGregor deflated half the cartilage from dude’s beak. You know I like an athlete who can talk a good game. But I LOVE one who can back it up and bring the pain. And if you’re going to talk non-stop, call your shot, and refer to your opponent as “the little German” like McGregor did. You better get in the cage and look like the Irish Anderson Silva on fight night. – just like McGregor did.

Siver was worried about the judges giving him a fair shot on that fight. Bro – they had nothing to do with it. If I was you, I’d be more worried about the paramedics than the judges. And let’s hope there’s some security surrounding McGregor for the next several months… because dude jumped the cage and almost fought Jose Aldo just seconds after he was pulled off of Siver.


Chael Sonnen standing up to tell the Spider he “absolutely sucks” after winning a fight was one thing… McGregor trying to start another one was insane. And so were his plans for Jose: “I was trying to (fuck) with him. Tell him to get the spit bucket and spit shine that belt because I’m coming for it.”

I’m in. Dana White has found a new star. This one can run his mouth AND land his shots. McGregor v. Aldo – see you this summer. Getcha spit bucket ready.

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