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Dana vs. De La Hoya

Just as we went off the air on Friday, the undercard for the Mayweather/McGregor fight started. And it did not disappoint. Oscar De La Hoya vs. Dana White. A heavyweight fight if there ever was one. And if you don’t know why these two would be getting after it, here’s some quick background.

Right after the Canelo Alvarez/Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. Dog-of-a-fight went down in May, De La Hoya wasted no time climbing in the ring to announce the much anticipated super-fight between Canelo and Triple G. And he set the date for September 16th.

Make no mistake—on paper—that’s a massive fight, years in the making. It’s a fight everyone in boxing badly wants to see. But for as big in the boxing world as Canelo Alvarez and Triple-G are—they aren’t even close to household names for casual fans.

So when Dana White and Mayweather Promotions announced their fight a few weeks later and booked a date three weeks ahead of De La Hoya—De La Hoya lost his mind. And, if I’m being honest, it’s hard to blame him. Because if you’re De La Hoya and you’ve got what looks to be the year’s biggest promotion and a few days later it gets undercut by the century’s biggest promotion—you’re gonna be bent.

So since then, Oscar has grabbed whatever mic he could find to shout down the McGregor/Mayweather fight as some kind of farce that would ruin the sport of boxing forever. And he even took to Facebook to ask fans to boycott it. But on Friday, some 30 hours before the fight, he came completely unhinged and went four-letter nuke on Twitter. F*** you, Mayweather/McGregor. Both of you are disrespecting the sport of boxing.”

Obviously, that worked its way back to Dana and he didn’t take it lying down and countered by screen-shooting the tweet, putting it on his Gram, and captioning it, “WTF? Is this guy snorting coke and drinking booze again? #oscardelaarum”

Damn, Dana! And that’s a 10-8 round for Dana.

Oscar does have a great fight. And he should be promoting that great fight. Because people don’t know Canelo and Triple G the way we all know Mayweather and McGregor. And there’s no doubt that the Canelo/Triple G fight is the superior fight. And it should sell well despite the Mayweather/McGregor pay-per-view getting everyone for a hundred greenbacks.

And whether he likes to admit it or not, and maybe he really does know it, and killing Saturday’s fight is a tactical play by De La Hoya; a way to get those cross over and non-boxing purists to check out his fight….because Saturday’s fight did a helluva lot more to help him than it did it to hurt him. It got the entire world to stop what it was doing Saturday night, to watch boxing. To talk boxing. And we still are two days later. That didn’t ruin the sport of boxing. It propped it up. And with the fight of the year coming up, that can’t be anything but good for De La Hoya. And he couldn’t have asked for a better lead in to his fight than that one. So instead of killing Dana and Mayweather and McGregor, De La Hoya should be thanking them.

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