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Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Jeff Gordon’s thought process: ‘He reminds me a lot of my dad and a lot of the guys from that era’

Jeff Gordon shocked the NASCAR world in January when the four-time Sprint Cup Series champion announced that 2015 will be his final season of full-time racing. Gordon’s Hendrick Motorsports teammate, Dale Earnhardt Jr., wouldn’t be shocked if the future Hall of Famer finishes his career with a fifth NASCAR title.

“Even this far in his career he’s still one of the best guys out there,” Earnhardt Jr. told The Jim Rome Show. “He’s got it in his mind that he can go out there and win a championship this year, and I think he’s got a good shot at it, as good as anybody.”

Earnhardt Jr. also touched on the tremendous influence Gordon has had off the track throughout his career.

“He’s very smart, one of the things that I appreciate about him is if you get all the drivers in the room a lot of us are going to sit there bicker and bicker about the rules and ideas and things we’d change,” said Earnhardt Jr. “And he’ll sit back, listen and he comes in at the last minute with common sense and a great approach.”

Earnhardt Jr. says that Gordon’s approach is old school.

“He reminds me a lot of my dad and a lot of the guys from that era from the ’90s,” said Junior. “They really put a lot of thought into where they think the sport is going and some of the changes that need to be made and they’re very good at prioritizing what’s important now and what we can put off later.”

Earnhardt Jr. doesn’t anticipate the sport losing Gordon’s important influence off the track, and says the 43-year old’s vested interest should keep him around.

“I think he’s going to stick around and be involved in the sport beyond his driving years,” said Earnhardt Jr. “So we will still have that common sense and that intellect that he brings. He’s just really sharp and a great businessman that makes a lot of great decisions and he’s going to stay involved in Hendricks Motorsports. Obviously he’s got a little part ownership of Jimmie’s (Johnson) car so he’s got a lot of vested interest in the team and company so I feel like that’s going to help.”

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Mar 26th 2015

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