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Dak Prescott

Info & Stats: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

All Topics: 2nd NFL Training Camp | Great training camp | Chemistry with Dez Bryant | Bryant is balling right now | Growing up a Cowboys fan | Team | Still has a chip on his shoulder | Ezekiel Elliott | Spotlight | Wanting to get a Doctorate | Dr. Dak | Taco Bell |

Aug 25th 2017

Dak on Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension: “No panic here.”

Nov 3rd 2015

All Topics: Kentucky game | Coach Mullen wanting him to manage the offense better this season | Only throwing one interception this season | His career numbers approaching Peyton Manning’s at Tennessee | His time at Mississippi State | Autograph requests | Embracing the attention | He and his teammates being jumped Spring Break | Being aware of crowds | Maurice Clarett speaking to the team | His mother’s battle with cancer | Explains what his mother Peggy was about |

Dak on their offense: “We finally got our tempo going.”

Dak Prescott

Aug 28th 2014

All Topics: Being in the spotlight | Working on his passing accuracy | Very eager to show what he’s been working on | Going to the Manning Passing Academy | His mother passing away last fall | His mother’s battle with cancer | Playing the week of his mother’s funeral | His tweet about the Mississippi State family | Shoulder injury last season | Playing hurt | Ole Miss | His cow experience | 2014 expectations

Dak on the Mississippi State atmosphere: “We don’t have fans it’s more family.”

Dak Prescott

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