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Creepy Request At Australian Open

The Australian Open is under fire for turning into fashion week. Eugenie Bouchard is a future superstar. But after a win yesterday the 7th ranked player in the world, was asked to give a little twirl.

Quoting Bouchard – “Very unexpected… I don’t know, an old guy asking you to twirl. It was funny.”

And cheesy. And unnecessary. And just a little pervy too. Why not just ask for a lap dance dude. Congrats Eugenie… you just won a match in under an hour, but enough about your playing. Let’s talk about what you’re wearing! Hot dang! Gimme a twirl. Work it, girl!

While you’re at it… Why not bump some Right Said Fred and ask her to walk the cat walk and sashay for the crowd too? Dude was looking to tuck some Washington’s into her waistband. This isn’t a case of a female player wearing some ostentatious, custom outfit looking to be a fashion model, instead of a tennis player. She’s a 20 year old in Nike gear.

Even Serena Williams reacted by saying that Rafa and Roger would never be asked to twirl. And of course, she’s right. It is sexist. It is stupid. And if you’re just jonesing for some twirling after a match…. I’m pretty sure there’s websites for that. Nobody needs center court to the Spearmint Rhino.

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