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Craig Robinson on if he had a ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’, where would he go? ‘To the Super Bowl this past Sunday, stop the Seahawks from making that play call.’

Actor/comedian and Chicago native Craig Robinson joined The Jim Rome Show to discuss his upcoming movie “Hot Tub Time Machine 2″ and share his thoughts on his city’s biggest sports stars.

Robinson talked about his song ‘A Rose Will Rise’ in reference to when Bulls star Derrick Rose was dealing with numerous injuries. Robinson likes what he sees from the former league MVP, who’s averaging over 20 points a game recently.

“I think he’s showing the message, ‘Rose will Rise’”, Robinson said. “That was back when he was still hurt. He’s come back with the dominance, I think he’s showing the message.”

Despite his belief in D Rose, Craig has headaches like any other Chicago Bears fan trying to figure out what went wrong for his hometown football team. And as for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, the actor could use the enigmatic signal caller to be a little more consistent.

“He’s always kind of 50/50 during the season,” said Robinson. “You never know whose going to show up. So we’d love to see some more consistency.”

Robinson says Cutler needs to remember where he plays.

“It would be nice to see him show some fire, with some more passion for what he’s doing for Chicago,” said Robinson. “Chicago is a serious sports town.”
Robinson was also asked about his upcoming movie and the obvious question everyone is asking: if you really did have a hot tub time machine, where would you go in time?

Robinson answered by referencing the biggest debate in America today. Pete Carroll’s decision to throw the ball on the Pats 1: “Where would I go if I had a time machine? To the Super Bowl this past Sunday, stop the Seahawks from making that play call.”

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