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Congrats To The Shield

Let’s call these absurd NFL rule change proposals what they really are: a desperate attempt to rip the day from the NCAA and claim the entire calendar.

The shield just can’t stand to be the bridesmaid for a few days. I suppose it’s just a coincidence that as the tournament gets started; the NFL coughs up some clickbait. Hey you! What is that garbage you’re watching… College basketball? They still play that?? Well- the Indianapolis Colts are proposing a magic trick that could make touchdowns worth up to 9 points!! It’s true. And truly hilarious.

Among 23 suggested rule changes, is Indy’s idea that teams could cross the goal line for 6 points…. Then nail a conversion for 2 points… And THEN kick an extra-extra point with a 50 yard field goal. Now you’re just messing around.

So why stop there. After you get 9 points, you can attempt a drop kick from 60 yards for half a point. AND THEN… You can throw a hail mail from 70 yards for 20 points! And if you throw it with the red-white-and-blue “Money Ball” – the points are double! I say the Shield nails a bucket to the top of the upright, and if your kicker can land the ball in the bucket- you get 100 points.

Can you imagine the size of that “scenario” card the coaches carry around to do the math for them? That thing will be the size of a Cheesecake Factory menu. And of course the COLTS are suggesting this. That crew could probably score 100 points with the EXISTING rules.

But congrats to the NFL. You got everyone to look at you. You’re the spoiled brat sibling who blows out your little brother’s birthday candles.

Just know – Kentucky is more likely to go one-and-done than your Rock ‘N Jock rule changes are to get one vote.

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