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Congrats Clip Show

Check it out, L.A…. I think the Clippers are finally awake. The Clip Show has looked like your standard Beverly Hills housewife– drifting through the days on expensive pills and win.

But I like what I see from their change of scenery: they hit the road and suddenly there are signs of life and some electricity. Sometimes laying the wood to some lames from the east is exactly what sputtering teams in the west need. The Clips hit the right coast and punked Orlando… Then dropped down to South Beach last night and make a joke of the Heat.

If Heat fan doesn’t show up until the middle of the first quarter, they were leaving halfway through the second. Because even Chris Bosh admitted this thing was over.

Special shout out to DeAndre Jordan for his perfect game. They’ve gotten pretty played in MLB, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the Association. D… Went for 12 points… On 6 dunks. Not even so much as a tap-in or a garbage put-back.

Doc Rivers says it was “rare” – I say it shouldn’t be. Not with this team not this year. DeAndre and Blake could go double perfect game if CP3′s tossing peas and they’re actually awake.

Last night was one of the first times I’ve recognized that team I saw last season. The contenders who turned every night into a track meet. They finally went from Ambien to 5-Hour Energy. They’re still not playing nearly enough dee. Or doing the dirty work on the glass. And I have no idea how you play 48 minutes and come away without a single block.

But at least now they have a pulse.

And we’ll find out on Sunday at Memphis if they have a spine. The grindhouse is a baaad team with the best record in the league. Congrats Clip Show. You woke up; now try not to nap it out in Memphis.

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