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Congrats Big Bruce

Not all the instant fame goes to Malcolm Butler. Seahawks Linebacker Bruce Irvin will also be working the talk show circuit. And he should start on Jerry Springer. Because he just became the first player in 49 years to be ejected from the Super Bowl.

That’s actually pretty incredible. Thousands of players in that game, only 1 has ever been kicked out of it. I’d put that right on my Twitter Bio and Wiki page, Bruce. You’re the guy credited with starting the only Super Bowl Brawl. Punches! Gronk! Mikey B! Bedlam!

Look, I’m not going to pile on and talk about how classless the “Hawks are. Sure, it was a terrible look. And you don’t want a billion people worldwide seeing the Super Bowl turn into Roadhouse. But you could see how it could happen. This wasn’t the typical “take a knee” moment in the middle of the field. The Pats were backed up, the Seahawks were trying to force a strip or get a sack. And about 10 seconds earlier those same guys were all in party mode while they waited for a TD from Beast Mode. Irv and the fellas acted like the Super Bowl had just been ripped from them.

And it wasn’t the Patriots who did it, but rather his own coaching staff. I’m actually surprised none of them took a swing at Pete Carroll. Considering Mike Freeman from Bleacher Report says Seahawk players were openly “ripping the hell out of that last call” the NFL’s lucky there wasn’t a LOCKER ROOM brawl.

Congrats Big Bruce. We’ve seen a lot of guys win the Super Bowl MVP, but you’re the only guy who turned into UFC.

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