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Commitment Christmas

Happy National Signing Day, AKA Commitment Christmas.

Today, if you think you hear a hyena scraping a fork across a chalkboard – don’t worry. That’s something called a “Fax” and a recruit is using technology from before he was born to commit to college. Biggest winner this year? Same as every year. People who make a living making fax machines. Signing Day has kept the Fax Nation in the game since they curbstomped the Telegram back in the day.

Other winners today are Jimbo Fisher and Nicky Sabes. They’re sitting on the top two classes, as usual those two Emperors are getting over – But I want to send a special shout-out down to Baylor. They’re taking a little heat for trying to spice up their pitch with nice hotels and double-doubles.

At a recruiting event over the weekend – there was signage that said In N Out, Whole Foods and other college grub are coming to campus. Only they’re really not. Oops. Why not just promise Casinos, Six Flags and Strip Clubs? Waco Texas sounds better than Cabo San Lucas. And I guarantee kids would still rather go to Baylor than play for Bobby Petrino.

Bobby P has been blackballed from a South Carolina high school after ripping a scholarship from a kid because Louisville needed more DBs. Well they’ve got plenty of delta bravos, Bob. I’d say Robert is the day’s biggest loser- but as always, it’s the grown men taking the day off work and refreshing their feed to scream about teenagers.

Signing Day should not be a day off. Get off the message board, get to work. And remember the worst losers are the adults fighting over high schoolers. Straight Fax.

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