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Combative Jimbo Is The Best Jimbo

Last week was about turkeys in this country. But this week is about Jive Turkeys in San Francisco.

The 49ers went out on Thanksgiving and got beaten down, increasing the speculation that Jim Harbaugh will be leaving town, and now, the gobblers are goin’ in on Coach.

Odd, defensive, combative Jimbo is the BEST Jimbo. Asked about his future, Coach talked about his genetics. “I haven’t participated in any of that speculation. I think I just have a recessive gene for worrying about my own future.”

Thanks professor… The maniac who fought and clawed from coaching the San Diego Toreros to the San Francisco 49ers in 5 years is genetically opposed to planning his future? By “recessive” I think he means “aggressive.”

Just like he was when continually asked about Jed York tweeting an apology for that Seahawks loss. “To me, that’s not significant. … I kind of think some of these questions are for your own pleasure.”

Gobble Gobble Gobble! Right- because it’s a real pleasure pulling teeth talking to that dude. The only pleasure for Niner beat writers will be when and if the team trades him out of town.

Reports say the Jets and Raiders are interested. And I’m fascinated. The Frisco window is slamming shut, Harbaugh’ s wearing everybody out. And I think I speak for everyone when I say we all have the dominant gene when it comes to dropping Jimmy into the world’s biggest media market, or the NFL’s hottest dumpster fire.

Jets, Raiders… Whatever. Either one will be for ALL of our pleasure. Keep the Jive alive.

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