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Coach Wolf’s Presser

Bears fans are feeling good. They’re still loaded offensively. They ditched the accountant, Marc Trestman. And now they’ve got their guy, John Fox. Now, they just have to figure who their starting quarterback will be next year. Will they stick with Jay Cutler or dump his fat contract and look for someone else.

That I don’t know, but I do know Fox will come in, and not only address the situation, but fix it. Quickly. It was one of the first things he hit on in his introductory presser: , “I feel good about whoever is at quarterback. I’m looking forward to getting to know Jake. He did text me, welcoming me to Chicago, and was very excited that I was coming here, which I thought was a nice move.”

I’m sorry, Coach Fox, who? Jake? Jake Delhomme? Are you bringing back your NFC Champion quarterback from your days coaching in Carolina? Jake Locker? Are you hinting that the Bears are working a trade for Cutler, sending him back to his college town in Nashville? Is Jake “The Snake” Plummer coming out of retirement? Who the hell is Jake?

Look…Jack Fox…you’re a veteran coach, who has accomplished quite a bit in this game. So, I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but it’s important you know your players’ names before you begin a new job. John Elway thanking John Elway is laughing at Coach Wolf getting a text from Jake Utler.

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