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Coach LeBron Weighs In

If the Browns fans tailgating started Monday Morning, then their party started Monday Night. Because every die-hard rocking a #2 jersey with the tags still on it got the Johnny Manziel news they’ve been waiting for, from the only voice that matters.

The Coach said he has to evaluate. But The King says it’s time to light this Johnny candle. “I know he’s ready to go. I talked to him. He’s ready to go…. He’s part of the family so of course I want him out there. But that’s for Coach to decide.”

He just did. Coach Pettine can watch all the tape he wants. Coach James just handed the ball to Football. He made it a family matter. Whatever the hell that means.

Tough break for Brian Hoyer. He’s the hard working, local Ohio kid. And he just got his job ripped from the local Ohio God. I just don’t think he’s going to have an army of icons and celebs start piping up for him to keep his gig. He’d be luck if Anderson Varejao gave him a shoutout. The Destroyer just doesn’t have the rolodex.

But Hoyer says he has the resume. “I mean, 10-5 as a starting quarterback is not bad.”

It’s great. And it’s all in the past. 10-5 does look good. Until you remember you’ve thrown for 1 t.d. and 6 picks over the last four games and look as if you’ve completely lost your mojo… And Unless B-Hoy can get a tweet from Jim Brown, Jim Thome and Drew Carey…. We’ll be seeing Johnny Football under center Sunday.

You can say it’s still your team, Destroyer, but it’s LeBron’s state.

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