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Coach LeBron Pushes Blatt Aside

The Cleveland Cavs are back! No- they’re on their backs. So much for LeBron rescuing this team from free fall.

Now that the Buckeyes season is over, LBJ was freed up to play some hoop. He was electric in Phoenix last night. Dude went Zeek Elliott on the Suns. I’d say – Slap some of those Ohio State weed stickers on Bron’s headband, but his team still got beat and they’ve lost 9 of 10.

Cleveland fan was hoping LeBron would come back and put the Cavs back in the national chatter – and he did. But not for putting the team on his back… but putting his hands on his head coach. In the second quarter, LeBron made David Blatt stand in the corner. They were both arguing with the referee when James pretty much shoved Blatt back to the bench. Every coach takes timeouts. It looked like the Cavs coach was getting put IN a timeout. You want me to take your clipboard away?? Don’t you give me that look young man. Or I’ll give you something to cry about.

Bron says he was trying to keep Blatt from getting a technical. And I buy it. Just as I buy he doesn’t have a ton of respect for the man. I just can’t imagine Tim Duncan throwing Pop over his shoulder and dumping him back on the bench while the adults talk things out. But at least this shove was strategic. Bron shoulder bumped Eric Spo back in the day just because he didn’t like him. Allegedly.

It’s not a GOOD thing that the star player pushes the coach off the floor. But it’s far from the worst thing that’s going on with this team. Like the fact that they’ve lost 9 of 10. Or that Kevin Love got benched in the fourth quarter- again.

It’s still early. But it’s really ugly. And LeBron’s a liar if he says he’s not missing Miami.

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