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Coach In Goal

I love puck. I’ve watched hockey my whole life. But, I’ve never seen what happened during Maple leafs – Panthers last night. Because I don’t think anyone has ever seen a starting goalie go from street clothes to back between the pipes after his coach signs a one-day contract all on the same night. WHAT??? Check these Cliff’s Notes: Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo takes a puck to the dome, goes down, and the team tweets that he’s done for the night.

You always wonder what sort of bedlam breaks out if the back-up goes down! And last night we found out. . Backup Al Montoya went in for Luongo only to get hurt. Prompting the Panthers front office to get busy. The team quickly signed goalie coach Rob Tallas to a 500-dollar one day contract..just so he could enter the game. Are you kidding me about this guy?! Only in the NHL.

I just don’t think Rob Ryan is going to throw on a helmet and play Dee End if Cameron Jordan goes down..If Joe Flacco got busted up in the playoffs, I’m pretty sure the Ravens wouldn’t have given his snaps to offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. But there was Coach Tallas… ready to stand on his head. (cover) And Bob Luongo was ready to hit the clubs. Dude was injured, showered, dressed and done… until the team made him gear BACK up and go back in. Hate that. I get that you needed that win, but you need Luongo right for the playoffs. Put coach in. Shoot- put a fan in. Empty net it. They’re lucky Luongo didn’t get brained again. But the worst look of the night – the Maple Leafs. Their opponent was throwing pads on their coaching staff and Toronto still barely even won.

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