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Coach Em Up, Scotty Brooks

Do you live within driving distance of Oklahoma City? Did you play college basketball? In fact- did you play in high school? If so… You might be able to play for the Thunder. Because OKC is this close to seeking out warm bodies on Craig’s List. ‘

They’re already without their MVP, Kevin Durant. And now, they may be without his replacement Perry Jones, who got snipered last night: Then Reggie Jackson smashed his knee and had to come for a spell. And despite seeing most his team getting wiped out, Sebastian Telfair then took it upon himself to get ejected, leaving OKC to finish the game with just SIX healthy players.

There were a couple of tweaked hammies from running a 2-2 zone. Sure, Russell Westbrook is a freak. But just because Kevin Durant held this thing together when Russ went down last year, doesn’t mean Westbrook will do the same without KD. Because he can’t. These two haven’t taken the last step together, there’s no way they’re doing it with one of them going down every year. At this point, there’s really nothing left to say, but Coach em up, Scotty Brooks… because a week from now, my man will probably be grease boarding catch-and-shoots for Kendrick Perkins.

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