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Coach Driscoll Will Be Back

But don’t get it twisted. The Madness is incredible, but it’s not perfect. Coaches will tell you injuries are the worst part of the game, I’ll tell you casualties are the worst part of the bracket.

In fact, in the case of North Florida losing to Robert Morris last night, it was a national tragedy. Because head coach Matthew Driscoll is a national treasure. You remember Coach D from earlier in the week. SWOOP!!! The man has the charisma to become a star. Unfortunately North Florida didn’t have the horses.

The Ospreys lead most of the way against Bobby Mo, and Coach Drisc was halfway to sitting on Dave Letterman’s couch and becoming a household name. If you disagree, then you didn’t see him at halftime. You’re gonna want to write this down.

Ballers make plays. Dudes are dudes. Forget writing that down, you’re gonna want to get that tattoo’d.

And I don’t care that North Florida didn’t even play their way in, that’s an iconic Madness moment. Laettner ripping UK’s heart out. 45’s jumper to beat Georgetown. C-Webb calling a timeout. And M-Drisc bringing the house down.

And when Luther Vandross closes the show with One Shining Moment, my man in the edit bay better remember that Dudes are Dudes. Coach Driscoll will be back. Until then, he will be missed. That one hurt, but “That’s The way Life Works.”

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