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C’mon Mick

Bernard Hopkins is still fighting at nearly 50 years old. But he’s getting clowned by the dude from 9 and a half weeks.

62 year old Mickey Rourke is getting into the boxing ring. Not Mickey Ward. Rourke. That award winning actor from Iron Man 2 and The Wrestler. Who’s he fighting…? Michael Douglas or Richard Gere? This isn’t some celebrity boxing thing either, where he’s collecting a check to put on head gear and box Kato Kaelin or Dustin Diamond. He’s boxing for real, in Russia against a professional opponent.

And yes… I know Rourke has spent a lot of time in the ring. And I know he’s had a lot of amateur fights. But does he know that most of those fights were in the 1960s? And if you need any proof that Rourke probably shouldn’t put the gloves on… Don’t bother watching him shadow box or hit the speed bag… Just take one glance at a his face? Does that look like a guy who can handle himself between the ropes? C’mon Mick. One more fight and the only role you’ll ever get is the lead in the Bruce Jenner bio pic.

I don’t care that the can he’s fighting is 1-9. He’s only 29! When Rourke was the pope of Greenwich Village….his opponent wasn’t even born. I respect that aging artists have passions.

And everybody’s got a bucket list. But I don’t think Morgan Freeman is going to get in the octagon. No way Michael Keaton hits the half pipe at the X Games.

This is big Mick’s battiest sports moment since he said he bet Usain Bolt in a race.

Protect yourself at all times my man- and good luck slapping together yet another new face.

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