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CM Punk on entering the octagon: ‘The itch to give it a shot was always there’

Former WWE Heavyweight Champion and contracted UFC fighter CM Punk said he’s always wanted to compete in mixed martial arts, but hasn’t been able to because of his commitment to pro wrestling, until now. Phil “CM Punk” Brooks joined The Jim Rome Show and talked about signing a multi-fight contract with the UFC soon after ending his relationship with the WWE.

“The itch to give it a shot was always there,” Punk said of entering the octagon. “It’s always been in the back of my head. But once I was free and clear of WWE and it became a reality everything just kind of snowballed so it happened very very fast.”

CM Punk explained why he’s decided to take such a risk at 36-years old when he has many other ways to make money after becoming extremely popular from the WWE.

“That’s what life’s about, I think life is about challenging yourself,” said Punk. “Taking yourself out of a comfort zone doing things that are challenging to find out what’s inside of you, and to live life to the fullest and inspire other people too.”

Punk’s talked about his mixed martial arts background, something he believes most are underestimating.

“If I had to say I had a jiu-jitsu coach it would be Rener Gracie out in Torrance, California. You know from the famous Gracie family, that I have experience in, Kenpo, kick boxing, and I’m not Mike Tyson when it comes to boxing but these are all things that I’ve done,” said Punk. “People seem to think that I’ve never trained, or rolled, or sparred or all this other stuff, it’s all things I’ve done and I actually can appreciate the media kind of sensationalizing or underestimating the amount training I’ve done. I actually think it’s going to actually help me in the long run.”

Punk not sure when exactly he will step foot in the octagon, but estimates he and UFC management will sit down around summer time and figure it out.

“The game plan after this backwards announcement and media blitz is for me to hole up, train my ass off two, three times a day probably for about six months,” said Punk. “Then re-evaluate where I’m at and then talk to Joe Silva, Lorenzo (Fertitta) and Dana (White) and were going to go from there.”

  • CM Punk
  • Dec 18th 2014

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