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Classic Belichickian Rope-A-Dope

Love playing this game every January: Which Patriots team are we going to see this week? Billy Belichick rocks two things: A stanky old wardrobe and a swiss army offense. The nail file, the tooth pick. The spoon… Letting Tommy make it rain, or releasing the hounds with the running game.

Last week the Ravens got carved by the big knife, the big Gronk, and 50 passes from Brady. And that’s exactly why I think Indy’s about to get 4 quarters of the cork screw. Or worse- The Blunt.

Everything about this game screams the Patriots slamming it between the tackles, especially Billy saying the Colts are “the toughest team we’ve played all year.”

Sure they aren’t, Hood. Fierce? Yes. Fearless? Hell yes. Toughest? You gutted these guys for 246 yards with some scrub off the practice squad, remember? Have a day, Jonas Gray! And he might on Sunday. The dude who wasn’t even in uniform against Baltimore could be in the end zone against Indy. And if he isn’t LeGarrette B will be.

And hyping the toughness of Colts sounds like your classic Belichickian rope-a-dope. That’s what sets New England apart. The Pats are unpredictable. We know Andy Luck has to chuck it all over the yard to win this game. He’s gotta hit 350. Brady could throw for a buck-20 and win by 2 touchdowns.

The Colts better be as tough as Bill claims that they are, or they’re not just going to get beaten, they’re going to get Blunted.

Oh and on Sunday- somebody set a wakeup call for Jonas Gray.

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