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Classic A Or F Cowboys Maneuver

For America’s team… Red flags are green lights. Because they just signed former LSU lineman La’el Collins.

Collins, a projected first round draft pick, went undrafted altogether, after police said they wanted to question him in connection to the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

They also drafted former Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory, who fell to the 2nd round because of off the field concerns. So in effect, add those guys to UConn’s Byron Jones at pick #27… and the Cowboys got three first round talents for pennies on the dollar. It sounds awesome. It looks shrewd.

It’s the kind of thing Jerry Jones can crow about. Right up until the moment it explodes in the his face. This is a classic A or F Cowboys maneuver.

Fact is – Cowboys have a crazy talented roster. Super Bowl talented. But it’s also the league’s most combustible. Because it also includes Greg Hardy, a guy who wasn’t even there 5 minutes before he was fighting a teammate.

Suddenly it’s like Dez Bryant is one of their most dependable dudes. They now have a guy who was connected to a murder, a Top 10 talent who every other team was terrified of, another guy who threw his lady onto a futon of guns and threatened to kill her. And who knows if they’re even done.

Who’s to say they don’t still take a run at the child whipper, Adrian Peterson.

So don’t tell me character trumps talent in the NFL and after the events of the last year, teams are being more selective and more careful about who they bring in. They’re not: at least the Cowboys aren’t: not if they’re bringing in Collins, Randy Gregory and Greg Hardy.

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