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Chris Simms

Info & Stats: Former NFL Quarterback and current Bleacher Report Columnist

All Topics: His Top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL | Having Aaron Rodgers as his No. 1 QB | Rodgers is heads and shoulders ahead of everyone | Intangibles of a quarterback | Peyton Manning in the postseason | Manning’s greatness sometimes hurts him | Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady are getting up there in age | Russell Wilson is in his Top 5 | His time in New England | Working 16 hour days | Bill Belichick | His ruptured spleen injury | Bitter about his injury at times still | His future

Nov 12th 2014

Chris on Bill Belichick: “To me he’s the greatest coach in the history of the NFL.”

  • Chris Simms
  • Nov 12th 2014

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